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Black Spring Kayaks Inc.

Black Spring Kayaks is the new kid on the block for touring kayaks, but it combines the best of both worlds: The company taps into the substantial manufacturing experience of her investors, while having state-of-art original designs for all its kayaks as well as fittings.Most main designs of Black Spring Kayaks are original, created by renowned chief designer Celliers Kruger. His wealth of experience combined with Black Spring’s thorough market research resulted in kayak designs that are spot-on. He also used his engineering experience to design a full range of new fittings, including hatches, rudder system, skeg system, footrests, etc. This means that Black Spring kayaks are fitted with purpose-design fittings, instead of just using whatever was available on the market.When you buy a Black Spring kayak, you can be sure that a lot of attention went into every detail.